3923.1: Activity Limitations - Travel Not Sponsored by the District

The District does not sponsor nor endorse any student travel when such travel is not a school-sponsored and/or District-sponsored activity. 

If a private (non-school-related) organization desires to arrange private travel, the organizational meetings for such travel should be held at non-school locations. However, if the private organization submits a request to use District facilities for such purposes, the request shall comply with the District’s facility use policies and procedures and the organization shall be treated as a for-profit organization. Further, within the first ten minutes and again during the last ten minutes of any meeting held on District property, the individual in charge of such meeting shall inform those in attendance that the travel is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the District.

No money for such private travel shall be deposited into a District account nor shall any expenses for such private travel be paid out of District funds.

No private travel fundraising activities shall be conducted on District grounds, except as approved pursuant to the District’s facility use policies. No private travel fundraising activities shall be conducted or as part of any school activity.

No teacher, administrator, or other employee of the District shall, in his/her capacity as a District employee, promote private travel plans in his/her classroom, at school activities, or during any other time when the teacher is on duty with the District. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a teacher may, when he/she is not scheduled to work a contract day with the District, provide services to a private organization conducting private travel tours.

Date of Adoption
May 21, 2012
Date of Revision
August 17, 2020