3642: Construction Procedures - Contracts

The District shall use the appropriate standard contract forms published by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for its construction projects. Such forms may be amended in whole or in part upon recommendation of legal counsel.

Such contracts shall provide: (1) that the contractor provide a certificate of insurance with coverage determined appropriate by the District, (2) that no tobacco products or e-cigarette type products may be used in District facilities or on grounds owned, leased, or operated by the District, and (3) that all workers will wear District-provided security badges as directed by the District.

Prior to the District issuing security badges to employees of contractors and any subcontractors who will be doing work at District facilities or on grounds owned, leased or operated by the District, such employees must receive security clearance, which includes passing a criminal background check conducted by a District-approved background check company. The contractor and/or subcontractor shall be responsible for compliance, which shall include submitting the names of employees to the background check company at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated start date of any work or project at a District facility or on grounds owned, leased or operated by the District, the payment of all costs for conducting the background check and permitting only those employees who receive proper security clearance to work at District facilities.

Date of Adoption
October 18, 2004
Date of Revision
October 21, 2013
April 21, 2014
October 18, 2004
February 3, 2020