3235: Gifts, Donations, and Grants

Gifts and Donations. The District welcomes gifts and donations from individuals and organizations that will enhance the District’s educational programs or extracurricular activities, that are consistent with the terms of the District’s policies and rules and are permitted under any applicable state and federal laws. The District reserves the right to refuse, cancel or terminate any gift or donation that is deemed to be not appropriate for or contributing to the District’s educational mission and goals, that would adversely effect the District, or for any reason set forth in the District’s policies and rules. Once accepted, all gifts and donations become the property of the District. The acceptance or rejection of any gift or donation shall not be considered an endorsement of any kind by the District.  

The Superintendent (or designee) or building principals may accept on behalf of and for the school district any gift or donation of money or property (except for real property which must be approved by the Superintendent) which enhances the District’s educational programs or extracurricular activities. Provided however, that building principals shall not solicit or accept any gifts and donations nor approve any fundraising activities for “special projects” as defined by District Rule 3614.1 without the prior approval of the Superintendent (or designee).

Grants. The District also welcomes the opportunity to solicit and apply for any grants that would contribute to the District’s educational mission and goals. Administrators at the District or building level may apply for grant funding for projects or programs that are consistent with objectives of the District’s strategic plan or the building’s site plan. Any application that would (1) impact the data network or storage of data, (2) impact the HVAC or electrical systems, (3) increase the time of custodial or grounds personnel, (4) require the renovation or alteration of any of the District’s facilities, grounds, or equipment, or (5) impact any other aspect of the District’s programs and/or services shall require the approval of the appropriate administrator(s) for the division(s) impacted. Additionally, if the proposed application would require any commitments (financial, personnel, or otherwise) from the District, or require the District to engage in a “special project” as that term is defined in District Rule 3614.1, the application shall require approval from the Superintendent (or designee).

Date of Adoption
April 7, 1975
Date of Revision
May 21, 2007
October 7, 2013
January 20, 2020