3713: Food Services - Committee

The District shall establish a Nutrition & Wellness Committee which shall be composed of students, parents, teachers, food service personnel, and others as determined by the administration. Such committee shall meet at least twice per year and make recommendations to the administration with regard to the District's programs related to nutrition and wellness.

The committee shall be composed of the following members:
I. The chief financial officer
II. A minimum of five parents selected by the superintendent or designee
III. A minimum of three student representatives selected by the superintendent or designee
IV. The curriculum facilitator for K-12 physical education
V. The curriculum facilitator for K-5 health education
VI. The curriculum facilitator for 6-12 health education
VII. The general manager for K-12 food service
VIII. Four building principals selected by the superintendent or designee
IX. The executive director or designee of the Millard Public Schools Foundation

The chief financial officer shall serve as the chair of the committee.

Date of Adoption
August 15, 2005
Date of Revision
March 17, 2008
November 4, 2019
October 15, 2012