4510.05: Extended Leave Without Pay

I. Extended leave without pay is leave for one or more semesters or, in the case of leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), for a period of time exceeding FMLA entitlement. Such leave may be granted for the following: continuing one’s education, personal or immediate family health reasons, or to stay at home with one’s children. At the sole discretion of the District, such leave may also be granted for other personal reasons depending upon the circumstances. Such leave will not be granted if the purpose of the requested leave or the reason necessitating the leave request is to seek or obtain other employment, if the employee intends to work for another employer during the leave, or to move from the Omaha area regardless of the reason for such move. 

II. Procedures and Conditions. After a minimum of three (3) years of employment with the District, an extended leave without pay may be granted. The following procedure must be followed: 

A. A request for an extended leave of absence without pay must be submitted in writing to the Human Resources Office. Such request is not automatically recommended to the Board for its approval. If the request is for one full semester or more, the request must receive formal approval from the Board of Education after approval from the Human Resources Office. 

B. Leaves may be granted for up to one school year. Any extended leave of absence without pay that exceeds one full semester shall be considered one school year. To continue leave beyond one school year, the employee must reapply. A leave beyond one school year will only be granted in extreme circumstances. 

C. A request for leave to continue one’s education must be submitted at least one semester prior to the requested leave and must include the name of the institution, the course of study and the number of semester credit hours to be completed. The course of study must meet the approval of the District. A minimum of nine (9) credit hours must be earned for each semester of leave. 

D. A leave of absence agreement must be accepted by the employee requesting the leave prior to the request being submitted to the Board for approval. 

E. When an employee wishes to return from extended leave without pay, the employee shall report this intention in writing to the Human Resources Office by the following: 

(1) on or before February 1 when the employee intends to return at the beginning of the following school year; or 

(2) at least one month prior to return when the requested leave expires during the middle of a school year. If no such notice is received by the applicable deadline, the employee’s inaction will be considered a resignation. The District shall not be responsible for reminding an employee of this requirement. 

III. Salary and Benefits. During the extended leave without pay, the employee will not receive salary or credit for years of service with the District. Health insurance coverage provided to the employee by the District immediately prior to the leave of absence may be continued during such leave at the employee’s expense in accordance with the provisions of COBRA and the health insurance plan. 

IV. Return to Employment. The District does not guarantee that an employee on extended leave without pay will return to the same building location or to the position held prior to the leave of absence. Reasonable efforts will be made to place the employee in the same or comparable position upon returning to employment. An employee returning from leave must verify the leave was for the purpose requested.

Date of Adoption
April 16, 1979
Date of Revision
September 7, 1993
March 17, 2003
April 4, 2005
February 21, 2011
July 2, 2012