4510.11: Sabbatical Leave

I. A certificated staff member who meets the criteria set forth below may apply for a sabbatical leave for up to one year. The sabbatical must involve professional growth of the individual in a scholarly program, approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee, and must be in the interest of improved education in the District. 

II. Criteria for employee eligibility: 

A. Employed full‑time as a certificated employee by the District for at least seven (7) consecutive years immediately preceding the request for the sabbatical leave; 

B. Hold a Masters Degree from an approved institution; 

C. No previous sabbatical has been taken; and 

D. Must complete at least twelve (12) graduate level semester credit hours during each semester of leave. Such hours shall be in a program of study leading to the completion of a PhD, EdD or EdS in Curriculum and Instruction or School Administration. 

III. If leave is granted, the employee shall be subject to the following conditions: 

A. The employee shall accept a written agreement with the Board of Education which shall provide that at the end of the sabbatical leave, he or she will return immediately to the employment of the District for a minimum of three (3) years; provided, however, that if the sabbatical leave is for less than a full year, the employee shall agree to return to the District's employ for three (3) semesters. The employee shall further agree to reimburse the District as set forth herein in the event he/she does not fulfill this provision. 

B. The employee will be paid one‑half of his/her salary and insurance benefits during the time he/she is on sabbatical leave, provided however, that the certificated staff member receiving such insurance benefits agrees to pay and keep current and does pay and keep current the remaining one‑half of the total premium, and all employee Health Insurance Premium contributions. 

C. Credit will be given toward salary advancement, insurance benefits and seniority as if the employee had remained a full-time employee of the District. 

D. The employee cannot be guaranteed that he/she will return to the position held prior to the sabbatical leave, but an effort will be made to place the employee in a comparable position. 

IV. If the employee does not fulfill the employment requirements following his/her sabbatical as set forth above, or fails to complete the sabbatical requirements, the employee shall reimburse the District at the time he/she ceases employment according to the following schedule: 

                                                                                               Amount Employee Must

    Length of Sabbatical        Return to Employment                 Reimburse District      
      ALL                                  Does Not Complete                  Full salary received

                                              Sabbatical Requirements

      1 Year                              Does Not Return to Work          Full salary received

      1 Year                              Completes 1 Year                      2/3 salary received

      1 Year                              Completes 2 Years                    1/3 salary received

       1 Year                              Completes 3 Years                    No Reimbursement Required

      Less than 1 Year              Does not return                         Full salary received

      Less than 1 Year              Completes 1 Semester             2/3 salary received

      Less than 1 Year              Completes 2 Semesters           1/3 salary received

      Less than 1 Year              Completes 3 Semesters           No Reimbursement Required

The employee is also responsible to reimburse the District for all costs of any benefits provided by the District in the same proportion as any repayment of salary from the above-table. 

V. Application for sabbatical leave for the ensuing school year must be submitted to the Superintendent prior to January 1. 

VI. Up to thirty (30) months of sabbatical leave may be granted by the District during any school year. If there are more than thirty (30) months of sabbatical leave requested in a school year, leaves will be granted to the staff members whose leaves would most benefit the District as determined by the Superintendent or his/her designee. If a decision cannot be made based upon benefit to the District, then the staff members with the longest full‑time continuous service to the District will be given preference. 

Date of Adoption
March 21, 1988
Date of Revision
September 7, 1993
May 4, 1998
March 17, 2003
February 21, 2011
November 6, 2017
November 21, 2022