4510.08: Family Death Leave

I.             Eligible employees shall be granted up to four (4) workdays of paid bereavement leave immediately following the death of an immediate family member.  Such bereavement leave covers each death in the immediate family.

II.            An eligible employee who is required to travel a minimum of four hundred miles (400) one way to attend the funeral of an immediate family member will be granted one additional day of bereavement leave for a maximum of five (5) workdays.  The Superintendent or his designee may grant additional day(s) of bereavement leave in extenuating circumstances.

III.          Use of family death leave will be from a separate bereavement leave allocation and shall not reduce the paid personal leave allocation of the employee.

IV.          Definitions:

A.    "Immediate family member” shall mean the employee's spouse, parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, grandparents, mother‑in‑law, father‑in‑law, sisters‑in‑law, brothers‑in‑law, sons‑in‑law, daughters‑in‑law, spouse’s grandparents, or any relative who is a permanent resident in the employee's home or for whom the employee has specific legal responsibility.

B.    "Eligible employee” shall mean an employee of the District who otherwise qualifies for paid leave provided for by the applicable collective bargaining agreement or Board approved administrative allowance in the absence of a collective bargaining agreement. 

Date of Adoption
July 10, 1989
Date of Revision
September 7, 1993
July 27, 1998
March 17, 2003
February 21, 2011
November 21, 2022
June 3, 2024
November 6, 2017