4510.15: Pre-Retirement Planning Programs

I. Any employee who participates in the Nebraska School Employees Retirement System and is at least fifty (50) years of age or over may attend one pre‑retirement planning program per fiscal year, sponsored by The Nebraska School Employees Retirement System, while employed by the District. The employee is responsible for paying his or her own expenses for the pre-retirement planning program. 

II. Attendance at pre-retirement planning program is voluntary. An employee who is qualified and registered to attend a planning program seminar can do so without loss of pay. Each employee may attend the planning program no more than twice without loss of pay. A qualified employee may choose to attend the planning program more than twice, but such leave shall be without pay and shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent. 

III. An employee desiring to attend a pre-retirement planning program must submit the proper request form to the Office of the Superintendent and receive approval to attend prior to his or her attendance. An employee who attends must verify his or her attendance with the Office of the Superintendent. The Superintendent reserves the right to limit attendance at any one planning program based upon the ability of the District to deliver the educational program. If attendance is limited, preference will be given to those employees who are nearest retirement.

IV. Employees wishing to attend pre-retirement planning programs outside of those events specifically sponsored by The Nebraska School Employees Retirement System must use personal leave, vacation, or take leave without pay.

Date of Adoption
October 5, 1987
Date of Revision
September 7, 1993
November 17, 1997
February 21, 2011
November 6, 2017
April 19, 2021
March 17, 2003