6130.1: Curriculum Framework

Curriculum frameworks shall be developed for each curricular area and provide the vision of the essential content of that curricular area. Frameworks shall be approved by the Board of Education. Curriculum frameworks will be comprised of the following: 

I.    Philosophy of the content area 

II.   Relationship of Framework to Millard Public Schools Academic and College and Career Readiness Essential Learning Outcomes 

III.  Curriculum Planning Committee, Focus Group Participants, and Textbook/Instructional Materials Selection Committee(s) 

IV.  Timeline of Development Events 

V.    PK-12 scope and sequence derived from state standards and indicators or those      

       recommended by national/professional organizations 

VI.   Grade level and list of courses where standards and indicators will be taught 

VII.  Instructional approaches 

VIII.  Appendix containing supporting documents and course descriptions for new courses

Date of Adoption
May 3, 1999
Date of Revision
February 20, 2006
May 18, 2009
October 4, 2010
June 5, 2017
November 19, 2018
August 16, 2021