6910.2: Screening Procedures for Volunteers in Extracurricular Programs

I. All persons interested in serving as volunteers in any extracurricular program offered by the Millard Public Schools shall apply with the Human Resources Department and shall provide the following information on an approved application form:

A. Statistical and directory information including, but not limited to, name, address, telephone number and current or former place of employment (if any).

B. Names of not less than three references to be contacted directly by the principal or designee at the site where the person wants to volunteer. 

C. A written authorization to permit the District to obtain a criminal background check for purposes of evaluating the Applicant’s ability and fitness to serve as a volunteer in the District.

II. For all interested volunteers in an extracurricular program whose volunteer services may result in interaction with students, the Human Resources Department shall undertake the following Applicant screening procedures:

A. All application forms shall be reviewed by the Human Resources Department.

B. The principal or designee at the site where the person wants to volunteer shall contact each person identified as a reference on the application.

C. The Human Resources Department shall also complete a criminal background check and a check of the Child/Adult Abuse and Neglect Central Registry/Register.

III. While the application is being processed and all references and background checks made, the Applicant may not be placed in a temporary volunteer position in an extracurricular program by the principal and/or the program staff.

IV. When all reference checks and background check are completed and are determined to be satisfactory and consistent with the District’s policy, the Human Resources Department shall contact the principal and/or program staff and advise that the volunteer in an extracurricular program has been approved.

V. In the event the reference and criminal background checks reveal information that appears to be unsatisfactory, not consistent with the District’s policy, or otherwise indicates that the Applicant is not qualified or fit to serve as a volunteer, the District shall provide the Applicant such notice as may be required by law.

VI. If the Applicant’s references or the Volunteer Coordinator’s review of the child/adult abuse and neglect registry shows that the Applicant is not qualified to serve as a volunteer, the Volunteer Coordinator shall send a letter to the Applicant advising that the Applicant has been denied.

VII. All references and reference checks shall be strictly confidential and shall not be available to any person, including the Applicant.

VIII. All information other than reference information obtained or gathered in the application and screening process shall be strictly confidential and shall not be available to any person other than the Applicant.

IX. Volunteers in the extracurricular programs are to perform such volunteer services only during normal school hours, or such regularly scheduled before- and after- school time as the school activity may require, only under the direct, close supervision of a Millard Public Schools Employee unless approved by the Superintendent or designee.

X. Volunteers shall be subject to the District’s personnel policies and rules, including but not limited to non-discrimination and sexual harassment, behavior and conduct on District property, dress, use of tobacco, substance use, use of District computers and property, confidentiality, corporal punishment and physical contact, and safety and security.XI. Volunteers in the Millard Public Schools are intended to enrich the learning experiences for students through the performance of volunteer services. Persons interested in serving as volunteers so as to fulfill community work requirements for other agencies shall not be accepted.

Date of Adoption
June 5, 2006
Date of Revision
December 4, 2006
May 7, 2007
March 4, 2013