8210.1: Orientation of New Board Members


I. Documentary materials applicable and appropriate for performance of the duties and responsibilities of school board members will be given to each new incoming Board member. The materials shall be supplied by the Superintendent who will review and explain the use and purpose of the documents and materials. The Superintendent shall introduce the new incoming Board members to administrative personnel and the Superintendent and the administrators shall review, explain and discuss the services each performs for the Board. 

II. Upon election, the newly elected incoming Board members shall be invited and encouraged to attend Board meetings and also the Nebraska Association of School Boards Convention workshops held in November. 

III. The new incoming Board members shall be advised of the rules of attorney/client communications as those rules apply to the Board and restrictions on the disclosure of such communications. The new incoming members shall be advised as to the care and custody of confidential information received as a Board member and the legal restrictions on the disclosure of the contents of staff and student files. 

IV. The Board President will be responsible for conducting an informational session with the new incoming Board members before the incoming member takes office. No more than two other Board members shall attend the informal session. The new incoming members, at the informal session, will be advised on the laws which pertain to open and closed or executive sessions and meetings and Robert’s Rules of Order. The new incoming members, shall be given by the Board President, a copy of a current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order. New incoming Board members shall be furnished a computer and be provided Internet access. 

V. New incoming Board members will be provided with an identification badge, which shall be worn whenever the Board member is on District property and performing duties as a Board member. 

VI. New incoming Board members and re-elected Board members will be installed by the Board President or designee and take the oath of office at the first meeting of their terms.
Date of Adoption
December 2, 2002
Date of Revision
August 15, 2011
October 1, 2018