8340.2: Rights of the Public

Rights of the Public 

The public shall have the right to attend and the right to speak at Board meetings, and all or any part of a Board meeting, except for closed sessions, may be videotaped, televised, photographed, broadcast, or recorded by any person in attendance by means of a tape recorder, camera, video equipment, or any other means of pictorial or sonic reproduction or in writing. 

The Board may make and enforce reasonable rules and regulations regarding the conduct of persons attending, speaking at, videotaping, televising, photographing, broadcasting, or recording Board meetings. 

The Board is not required to allow citizens to speak at each meeting, but shall not forbid public participation at all meetings. 

No members of the public shall be required to identify themselves as a condition for admission to the meeting. The Board may require any member of the public desiring to address the Board to identify himself/herself. 

Upon request, the Board shall make a reasonable effort to accommodate the public’s right to hear the discussion and testimony presented at the meeting. 

The Board shall make available at the meeting, for examination or copying by members of the public, at least one copy of all reproducible written material to be discussed at an open meeting. 

At least one current copy of the Open Meetings Act shall be made available by posting in the meeting room at a location accessible to members of the public. At the beginning of the meeting, the public shall be informed about the location of the posted information.

Date of Adoption
August 12, 1991
Date of Revision
September 17, 2018
December 16, 2002
August 1, 2011