8220: Opportunities for Development


The Board places a high priority on the importance of a planned and continuing program for the education of its members. The ultimate purpose of this program is to enhance the quality and effectiveness of public school governance in the Millard School District community and a well informed Board of Education is a key part in accomplishing that purpose.

Funds shall be budgeted annually to support this program. Board members shall be reimbursed for out-of-pocket costs incurred in participation in approved activities in accordance with District policy and State law. Members of the Board may select the method and means for improving the Board member’s ability to perform Board duties and subject to the authority of the Board to approve or disapprove of the Board member’s selection of means and methods of Board development. 

The following are types of activities and services, among others, appropriate for implementing this Policy:

1. Participation in school board conferences, workshops, and conventions conducted by the Nebraska and the National School Boards Association.

2. District sponsored training sessions for Board members.

3. Publications provided by the District that address the concerns of Board members.

Date of Adoption
February 4, 1974
Date of Revision
December 16, 2002
December 3, 2018
October 3, 2011