5460.1: Student Driving and Parking

I. Permits. 

Only those student-operated vehicles for which car permits have been issued may be parked on school property. The Superintendent and such other employees as the Superintendent may select are authorized and directed to establish criteria for the issuance of car permits, within the framework of this Rule, so that students who have good reasons for driving to school may be able to park their vehicles on the school grounds in the designated areas. 

II. Condition and Insurance. 

All student-operated motor vehicles driven to school and parked on school premises must be in safe operating condition and each driver must certify that the vehicle for which a car permit is requested is legally and properly insured. 

III. Permit Criteria and Regulations. 

A. In the operation of this Rule, every student who has a legitimate need to drive to school is to be permitted to do so, within the limits of the criteria established. Students who refuse to comply with these regulations and restrictions will be subject to disciplinary action including suspension from school. 

B. Students who drive to school and park on school premises must know and obey the following rules: 

1. Each vehicle must be registered each year; 

2. Each vehicle must have a current parking permit displayed; 

3. Vehicles must be parked in assigned areas; 

4. Speeding and careless driving on or near school grounds is prohibited; and 

5. Students are not permitted to sit in vehicles during the school day. 

C. The consequences for parking violations will be in accordance with each school’s student handbook and District Rule 6750.1 (III) ( J) (2). 

Date of Adoption
February 4, 1974
Date of Revision
October 16, 2000
July 1, 2013
April 16, 2018
November 15, 2010