5100: Enrollment of Students


Students of school age residing in the District, students who have at least one (1) parent residing in the District, and students of school age who may be by law allowed to attend the District’s schools without charge, shall be permitted to enroll in the District’s schools tuition-free.

Nonresident students may apply for enrollment in the District pursuant to the District’s Option Enrollment Program.  Nonresident students not accepted through the District’s Option Enrollment Program may seek enrollment pursuant with District Rule 5100.1 (III) (A)(3) and (4).

The District may accept foreign exchange students when space permits and such students are legally residing in the United States.  The District shall only accept foreign exchange students through the District’s approved foreign exchange programs. Foreign exchange students are encouraged to participate in the curriculum of the school they attend in a manner which promotes the education of other students.

The school principal shall determine final grade placement for students transferring from non-public schools or from schools outside of the District. 

All students must comply with federal and state health laws and regulations. 

Date of Adoption
July 20, 1992
Date of Revision
June 6, 1994
January 8, 1996
August 21, 2000
August 6, 2001
April 7, 2008
January 11, 2010
February 19, 2018