5490: Use of Alcohol and other Drug Screening and Testing Technology

The District will provide students with the opportunity to obtain an education and participate in school sponsored events and activities in a safe, healthy, and orderly environment free of alcohol and other drugs. Accordingly, the District may use alcohol and other drug screening and testing technology in order to ensure a safe environment at school and at school sponsored events and activities. 

The District may use such alcohol and other drug screening and testing technology with students before they may enter or exit a school sponsored event or activity, or prior to leaving on a field trip or other off-campus event or activity sponsored by the school.

When reasonable suspicion exists that a student has consumed or possesses alcohol or any other type of drug in violation of District policy, the student will be advised of the suspicion. As part of the investigation, District personnel may conduct field tests using technology available to them for the determination of whether or not a student has consumed or is under the influence of, or in possession of alcohol or other drugs.

Date of Adoption
March 6, 1995
Date of Revision
August 19, 1996
October 16, 2000
September 2, 2008
May 16, 2011
November 19, 2018