5410: Substance Use

In order to ensure the highest possible standards of learning as well as the safety, health, and well-being of students, the District endorses a substance abuse policy which will aid students to abstain from the use of illegal drugs, intervene early when student use is detected, take corrective disciplinary action when necessary, and provide aftercare support for students.

As used in this Policy "drugs” shall include tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, controlled substances as defined by state law, other mood or behavior-affecting substances which are not taken for medical purposes, and “look-alike” drugs.


The District will adopt an age appropriate developmentally based drug, tobacco, nicotine and alcohol education and prevention program, which includes in its scope the legal, social, and health consequences of drug, tobacco and alcohol use and provides information and techniques for the resistance of peer pressure for use of illicit drugs, tobacco, nicotine or alcohol. The program shall be for all students in all grades of the schools operated and served by the District from the early childhood level through grade twelve (12).

The District will provide students with information and activities focused on preventing students from using drugs. Prevention activities will be centered around the instructional program, guidance and counseling, school climate, and family and community involvement.


The District shall make available to students, information about any drug, tobacco, nicotine or alcohol counseling, or rehabilitation, or re-entry programs available to students.

The District shall establish and maintain an assistance program, through a team approach, to aid students who are chemically involved to successfully address their harmful involvement with chemicals and to continue in a school program.


The District shall notify all students that the use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession and use of tobacco, e-cigarette type products, and alcohol are wrong and harmful.

The rules established by the District shall clearly prohibit the unlawful possession and use or distribution of illicit drugs, tobacco, e-cigarette type products, and alcohol by students on school premises or as a part of any District activities and it shall be applicable to students in all of the schools in the District.

The District shall adopt disciplinary sanctions consistent with local, state and federal laws up to and including expulsion and referral for prosecution of students who violate the District’s Standards for Student Conduct and a description of sanctions as described by the rules of the District including sanctions which require the completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program.

Students have the right to attend school in an environment free of drugs. Possession or use of tobacco, or e-cigarette type products, or possession, distribution or use of mood or behavior-affecting substances, alcohol, "look-a-likes” or drug paraphernalia, are prohibited on school grounds and at school-sponsored or school-related activities.

The consequences for possession, distribution, or use of drugs, controlled substances, mood altering drugs, unauthorized medication, alcohol, or possession of drug-related paraphernalia will result in disciplinary action.

It is the policy of the District to take positive action through education, counseling, parental involvement, medical referral, and police referral where appropriate in the handling of incidents in the schools involving mood or behavior-affecting substances or alcohol.

School property and student property may be searched by school authorities in the interest of the maintenance of the health and safety of students and staff, the educational process, and to further school purposes.

Students may be subjected to alcohol and other drug screening and testing technology pursuant to District Policy 5490 and Rule 5490.1.


The District will work cooperatively with community treatment personnel to facilitate the educational program of students in treatment.


The District will work cooperatively with the students, parents, guardians and community treatment personnel, to support aftercare and post-treatment plans for students returning from treatment.


The District shall provide, distribute and shall give to all students, parents and guardians a copy of the Standards for Student Conduct and the statement of disciplinary sanctions enacted pursuant to this Policy and shall notify parents, guardians and students that compliance with the Standards of Student Conduct are mandatory for all the students in the District.

Date of Adoption
July 16, 1990
Date of Revision
July 6, 1998
September 25, 2000
May 16, 2011
April 21, 2014
April 19, 2010
May 3, 2021