5495: Corporal Punishment and Physical Contact

Corporal punishment shall not be used to discipline students. Reasonable physical, protective force may be used by staff members when it is immediately necessary to protect himself or herself, to protect other persons against the use of unlawful force, to protect a student from harming himself or herself, or to prevent an unlawful entry or other trespass upon land or a trespass against or the unlawful removal of tangible, moveable property. Reasonable and incidental physical contact may be used by staff members when it is not intended to punish a student for disapproved behavior and is instead intended to promote personal interaction with a student or to preserve order or protect persons or property from harm.

Date of Adoption
July 5, 1988
Date of Revision
March 5, 2001
November 19, 2018
February 21, 2011
January 22, 2024