5480: Search and Seizure


Certificated staff members are permitted to search students or students' possessions whenever there is a reasonable suspicion that the student has in the student's possession illegal, or dangerous objects or substances, or any other objects or substances the possession of which is contrary to District policy or governing law, or when necessary for the welfare and well-being of students, the protection of District property, or the administration of District policy. 

School lockers are the exclusive property of the District and may be opened or searched by certificated staff members without notice and without student consent. 

Certificated staff members may seize and take custody of any objects or substances found during a search whenever such objects or substances are dangerous, contrary to law or school policy, or may threaten the welfare of students, school personnel, or District property. 

Students may be subjected to alcohol and other drug screening and testing technology pursuant to District Policy 5490 and Rule 5490.1. 

The refusal of a student to consent or submit to a reasonable search and/or to surrender objects or substances found as a result of such search may be grounds for discipline.

Date of Adoption
July 5, 1988
Date of Revision
July 5, 1994
October 16, 2000
May 16, 2011
January 7, 2019
December 10, 2010