5400: Student Discipline

The goal and intention of the District is to enable students to obtain an education within a safe and disciplined environment, free of violence or the threat of violence, illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons, or any conduct, which interferes or disrupts the educational process.

The purpose of this Policy is to assure students' constitutional and statutory rights within the context of an orderly and effective educational process. 

Whenever any student is on District property or is in any manner subject to the control or supervision of the District, the student is absolutely prohibited from possessing illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons or any objects, materials, or substances that are illegal by law or prohibited by District policy or rule.  

All District student discipline shall be done in accordance with the procedures and requirements of the Student Discipline Act, and any other governing law, District policy, and/or District rule.

Date of Adoption
July 5, 1994
Date of Revision
September 11, 1995
June 1, 1998
September 25, 2000
May 6, 2019
April 19, 2010