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Early Dismissal Days 2020-2021
1) Student Teaching Important Dates to Remember - Fall 2024 Foundations and Pairs Training
Laptop Deployment
Student Teacher Workshop
Student Teacher Interviews
10 Month Food Service Benefit Information Forms
2011-2012 Personnel Report 2011-2012
2013-2014 Personnel Report 2013-2014
2014-2015 Personnel Report 2014-2015
2015-2016 Personnel Report 2015-2016
2016-2017 Personnel Report 2016-2017
2017-2018 Personnel Report 2017-2018
2018-2019 Personnel Report 2018-2019
2019-2020 Personnel Report 2019-2020
2020-2021 Personnel Report 2020-2021
2021-2022 Payroll Calendar 2021-2022
2021-2022 Personnel Report 2021-2022
2022-2023 Payroll Calendar 2022-2023
2022-2023 Personnel Report 2022-2023
2023-2024 Part-Time Employee Work Calendar 2023-2024
2023-2024 Part-Time Staff Document 2023-2024 Part time staff will use this form to request additional pay for approved additional work hours.
2023-2024 Payroll Calendar 2023-2024
2023-2024 Personnel Report 2023-2024
2024-2025 Payroll Calendar 2024-2025
2024-26 Collective Bargaining Agreement - Paraprofessionals 2024-26
3E-Employee Work Comp - Follow-up Form Download the form to your desktop to complete the form. Workers Compensation Forms: Employee Follow-up Form to provide to your supervisor after each doctor visit.
3E-Employee Work Comp - Follow-up Form Workers Compensation Forms: Employee Follow-up Form to provide to your supervisor after each doctor visit.
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Administrative Calendar 2015-2016
Administrative Calendar 2020-2021
Administrative Calendar 2021-2022
Administrative Calendar 2022-2023
Administrative Calendar 2023-2024
Administrative Calendar 2024-2025
Administrative Professional Leave Procedure
Administrator Wage & Benefit Summary 2024-2025
AESOP/Frontline Substitute Training This document includes training material for the Absence Management Substitute Placement System. We urge all current MPS subs to review the training material and watch all videos. Links to the videos are included in the document.
Application Frequently Asked Questions
Application Volunteer District Volunteer Application
Approved Calendar 2013-2014
Approved Community Calendar 2013-2014
Approved Community Calendar 2014-2015
Approved Community Calendar 2015-2016
Business & Emergency Form Building Use Only
Calendar - Administrative 2013-2014. Revised 4.26.13
Calendar - Administrative 2014-2015
Calendar - Administrative 2016-2017
Calendar - Administrative 2017-2018
Calendar - Administrative 2018-2019
Calendar - Administrative 2019-2020
Change Your AD Password Help document on how to change your Active Directory/Gmail password.
Co-Teaching Form - Evaluation Student Teacher Evaluation Form
Co-Teaching/Student-Teaching Handbook 2024-25
Collective Bargaining Agreement - Custodial & Maintenance 2023-2024
Collective Bargaining Agreement - Paraprofessionals 2023-2024
Community Calendar 2016-2017
Compensation for Lost Plan Time 2023-24 2023-2024
Custodial Benefit Information Forms
Early Dismissal Dates 2022-2023
Early Dismissal Dates 2023-2024
Early Dismissal Dates 2024-2025
Early Dismissal Days 2018-2019
Early Dismissal Days 2013-2014. Revised 4.26.13
Early Dismissal Days 2015-2016
Early Dismissal Days 2016-2017
Early Dismissal Days 2017-2018
Early Dismissal Days 2018-2019
Early Dismissal Days 2019-2020
Early Dismissal Days 2021-2022
Employee Flow Chart for Workers Compensation Injuries Step by step Instructions if you are injured at work
Employee Term Form Resigning? You should complete this form and return it to the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems Office (NPERS).
Employee Work Calendar 2013-2014. Revised 5.1.2013
Employee Work Calendar 2014-2015
Employee Work Calendar 2015-2016
Employee Work Calendar 2016-2017
Employee Work Calendar 2017-2018
Employee Work Calendar 2018-2019
Employee Work Calendar 2019-2020
Employee Work Calendar 2021-2022
Employee Work Calendar 2020-2021
Employee Work Calendar 2022-2023
Employee Work Calendar 2023-2024
Employee Work Calendar 2024-2025
FMLA - Return to Work Form Please begin your FMLA request by emailing

Download this form to use the fillable feature.
FMLA Poster Family Medical Leave Act Poster
Food Service Wage & Benefit Summary 2024-2025
Graduate Level Course Approval Step by step instructions to apply for Graduate Level Course Approval
Hourly Staff Calendar 2016-2017
Hourly Staff Calendar 2018-2019
Hourly Staff Calendar 2019-2020
Hourly Staff Calendar 2020-2021
Hourly Staff Calendar 2021-2022
Hourly Staff Calendar 2022-2023
Hourly Staff Calendar 2023-2024
Hourly Staff Calendar 2024-2025
Hourly Staff Calendars 2013-2014. Revised 5.1.13
Hourly Staff Calendars 2014-2015
Hourly Staff Calendars 2015-2016
Hourly Staff Calendars 2017-2018
Inclement Weather Information
Job Description ACCT Accounting Manager
Job Description ACCT Accounts Payable Assistant 12 Month
Job Description ACCT Accounts Payable Specialist
Job Description ACCT District Accountant