4140.1: Responsibilities and Duties - Certificated

Knowledge of Policy and Rule. The employee is responsible to know and abide by all Policies and Rules of Millard Public Schools. The employee shall acknowledge, in writing, that he/she has received a Policy Document which outlines the major policies for the District and states employees are responsible for knowing all District Policies and Rules In the event such employee is unclear about the Policies, Rules, and/or procedures provided in the Policy Document, the employee shall seek an interpretation and clarification from his or her immediate supervisor and/or the Human Resource Office. 

Time Required 

Certificated employees shall perform assigned duties within the number of days as determined by the District and set forth in the applicable contract between the certificated employee and the District, including any extended or reduced days. 

The District reserves the right to require certificated employees to report to work outside the regularly scheduled contract days until all official work assigned to the employee has been completed. 

Extra Duty 

1. Certificated employees may be assigned extra responsibilities as deemed neces­sary by the District to carry out the programs of the Millard Public Schools. Extra responsibilities may include, but is not limited to, extra duty activity responsibilities and/or attending activities in a supervisory role. 

2. Certificated employees are encouraged to attend parent‑teacher organization 
meetings, and other school functions which affect their professional duties, building programs and the District. 


Each certificated employee should consider it his/her responsibility to be dressed and groomed in a manner that reflects honor on the teaching profession and sets a good example for students. If, in the opinion of the employee’s direct supervisor, an employee's dress and grooming do not present a positive image, it will be the responsibility of that supervisor to encourage the employee to change his or her dress and grooming habits. 

Lesson Plans

Each teacher shall continuously maintain a complete set of current lesson plans. Plans shall be sufficiently complete so that they can easily be used by the teacher or a substitute teacher. 

Job Responsibilities 

An employee’s responsibilities and duties are contained in the job description provided to the employee. Each employee may be assigned additional responsibilities and duties as may be deemed necessary by the District. 

Evaluation Process 

Each employee is responsible for his/her successful participation in the District’s personnel evaluation process.

Date of Adoption
October 7, 1974
Date of Revision
November 7, 1986
July 20,1992
December 7, 1992
February 18, 2002
February 21, 2005
September 5, 2017