4205.1: Substitute Teachers


I. Substitute teachers are appointed on a temporary basis and continue as needs require. They do not come under the provisions of the Nebraska teacher tenure law. In accordance with state law and Nebraska Department of Education regulations, substitute teachers shall hold a valid Nebraska Teaching Certificate or Local Option Substitute Certificate prior to being assigned duties requiring such certification. The Board will set rates of compensation for substitute teachers. 

II. There are two classifications of substitute teachers: 

A. Daily substitute teachers are appointed to serve on a per diem basis for short, indefinite periods in meeting unforeseen and emergency situations. Service for fifteen or fewer consecutive days in any one substitute position is classified as a daily substitute. 

B. A substitute teacher who is appointed to serve for more than fifteen consecutive days in a given position for a definite, but limited, period is classified as a long-term substitute teacher. 

III. Substitute teachers employed less than ninety consecutive days in a given position do not qualify for fringe benefits provided by the District including, but not limited to: paid sick leave, life, dental and long-term disability insurance. Substitute teachers may become eligible for health insurance benefits under provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 

IV. Substitute teachers are entitled access to the staff professional library. Substitute teachers may participate in classes the District offers for professional growth. 

V. All substitute teachers are required to assume duties as the principal may direct, and are subject to the same rules and regulations which govern other teachers. All arrangements for substitute teachers must be made through the office of substitute teacher placement. Teachers and principals should follow the procedures developed by the administration in arranging for substitute teachers.

Date of Adoption
October 7, 1974
Date of Revision
August 16, 1993
March 7, 1994
December 21, 1998
October 16, 2006
September 16, 2013
January 8, 2018
September 16, 2019