4135.1: Transfer, Change of Assignment, Job Posting

The Human Resources Office will post available vacancies as and when they occur on the District website. Vacancies will be advertised through the District website and as deemed necessary by the Human Resources Office. Each posting will include information concerning appropriate job descriptions, application forms, and application deadlines. Job posting may be suspended during the two weeks immediately preceding and one week immediately following the first student day of a new school year. Such suspension shall be for the purpose of facilitating the timely opening of school. 

Employees who wish to apply for a posted position must complete the designated application form and submit it to the Human Resources office within the specified time limit. Applications will be reviewed by the Human Resources office and interviews may be scheduled with the immediate supervisor and others as deemed appropriate by the Human Resources Office. A position must be posted for one week before it can be filled. 

A Human Resources officer, in conjunction with the building administrators, shall determine how and which interviews shall be conducted and shall determine what transfers shall be or shall not be approved and recommended to the Superintendent. Each applicant shall be notified of the action taken. Each request shall be considered in terms of (a) qualifications of the applicants; (b) available vacancies; (c) number of transfer requests; (d) number of transfers which have to be made for administrative reasons; (e) balancing school staffs; (f) utilizing staff members to maximum efficiency; (g) retaining strength on each school's and/or department's staff; and (h) the best interests of the District. Transfers during the school year will be discouraged. 

Nothing in this Rule shall restrict a principal or supervisor from making internal transfers of comparable positions within his or her own school and/or department. Such transfers are not subject to posting. 

The Superintendent or his or her designee may assign, reassign and/or transfer any employee at any time. 

A certificated employee does not have a right to a specific assignment so long as such certificated employee is assigned to duties for which he or she is qualified by reason of certification, endorsement, or college preparation.

Date of Adoption
October 7, 1974
Date of Revision
August 21, 1978
April 6, 1992
August 16, 1993
February 18, 2002
October 19, 2009
January 22, 2024
February 6, 2017