4160.1: Evaluation - Certificated Staff

I. All certificated personnel shall be evaluated in accordance with the District’s written procedures on appraisal forms provided by the District as follows:

A. Probationary certificated employees shall be evaluated at least once each semester in accordance with the procedures provided by law.

B. Permanent certificated employees shall be evaluated at least once every school year.

II. The District will obtain approval of its teacher evaluation policies and procedures from the Nebraska Department of Education as a requirement to legally operate as an accredited school district in Nebraska in accordance with Title 92, Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapter 10. In the event the District changes its policies or procedures for teacher evaluation, it shall re-submit the revised policies and procedures to the Nebraska Department of Education for approval. The policies and procedures submitted for the approval of the Nebraska Department of Education shall be in writing, shall be approved by the Millard Board of Education, and shall include the following:

A. A policy containing a statement of the purpose of teacher evaluation in the District.

B. A teacher evaluation procedure, which shall:

1. Contain specific criteria upon which teachers are to be evaluated. Evaluation instruments shall be designed primarily for the improvement of instruction and shall include, at a minimum: (1) instructional performance, (2) classroom organization and management, (3) professional conduct, and (4) personal conduct. Specific standards for measurement in each of these four areas shall be tied to the instructional goals of the District.

2. Describe the process to be used for evaluation, including the duration and frequency of the observations and the formal evaluations for probationary and permanent certificated teachers.

3. Provide for documenting the evaluation.

4. Communicate results of the evaluation annually, in writing, to those being evaluated.

5. Provide for written communication (commonly referred to as a growth plan) to the evaluated teacher on all noted deficiencies, specific means for the correction of the noted deficiencies, and an adequate timeline for the implementing the concrete suggestions for improvement.

6. Provide for the teacher to offer a written response to the evaluation.

7. Communicate the evaluation procedure annually, in writing, to those being evaluated.

8. Describe the District’s plan for training evaluators.

III. All evaluators shall possess a valid Nebraska Administrative Certificate and shall be trained to use the evaluation system employed in the District.

Date of Adoption
January 2, 1979
Date of Revision
November 21, 1983
August 3, 1992
September 7, 1993
December 21, 1998
July 21, 2003
June 1, 2009
May 17, 2010
March 2, 2015
February 4, 2019