4145.1: Political Activities - Public Office


I. District employees shall make it clear that their political opinions, statements and activities represent their individual beliefs and that they do not represent any opinions or viewpoints of the District.

II. Employees shall not engage in political activities or perform political responsibilities during school hours or when performing their duties as a district employee.

A. For purposes of this Rule, political activities includes seeking election or appointment to public office, campaigning for or against the nomination or election of a candidate or the qualification, passage, or defeat of a ballot question, or engaging in activity on behalf of a political party, elected official, candidate for office, or campaign committee.

III. Employees engaged in political activities shall not use District resources, property, or funds at any time for such political activities.  Employees seeking or holding public office shall not seek advice or assistance for their campaign or public office activities from other District employees during school hours or when performing their duties as a District employee.  Employees shall not use the privileges gained through employment with the District to promote political candidates, public office holders, political issues, or partisan political activities.

IV. Employees planning to seek an elected office or to accept a political appointment should be aware of all federal and state statutes regarding conflicts of interest and requirements for the position and shall be solely responsible for compliance with such statutes and requirements.

V. Employees wishing to accept appointment to public office or seek election to public office which requires time away from or impact upon the performance of the employee’s duties from the employee’s District position shall abide by the following:

A. A written notice of intent to accept an appointment or to announce and campaign for public office shall be submitted to the Superintendent’s office.  The notice shall disclose the office the employee is seeking and the time commitment required and whether the employee is requesting a leave of absence.  Any requested leave related to an appointment to public office or to campaign for public office shall follow District Policies and Rules.

B. In the event the employee wishes to accept re-appointment or to seek re-election to public office, he or she must re-submit his or her written intent and request for leave under this Rule.

VI. Employees shall not interfere with the exercise of the political rights and responsibilities of students, colleagues, parents, school patrons, or Board members, and shall protect the political rights of all individuals.

Distribution of Political Materials:

VII. Employees and employee groups are prohibited from distributing political materials intended to promote a person, candidate, public office holder, ballot question or political party to students, parents or other District employees on District property during working hours.  All District communication systems including the District e-mail system may not be used to distribute such political materials.  Informational material prepared by the District that does not qualify, support or oppose a ballot question may be distributed through all District communication systems including the District e-mail system, newsletters and other school publications to school employees and the community.  Public records demonstrating the consequences of the passage or defeat of a ballot question affecting the District may be posted on District websites.

Classroom XE "Discussion of Politics"Discussion of Politics:

VIII. Political discussions in the classroom shall be allowed when the primary purpose is instructional as opposed to the advancement of a candidate, a public office holder, a ballot question, a political party, or a political belief.  Open forums, bipartisan discussions, or classroom discussions with candidates or public office holders will be deemed instructional, provided, however, that such discussions or presentations do not become partisan, one-sided, or result in the promotion of a particular political belief as opposed to providing the student with an opportunity to make up his or her own mind.  Political materials relevant to and a part of the political discussion may be displayed when the purpose of the display is instructional.

 XE "Board Members"Board Members:

 IX. No member of the Board shall be an employee of the District.

Date of Adoption
February 25, 1980
Date of Revision
July 19, 1993
January 21, 2002
December 4, 2006
October 7, 2013
November 4, 2019