5750.1: Student Memorials

I. Student Memorials. Memorials will only be permitted for students who were enrolled in a District school at the time of the student’s death, and shall be subject to the guidelines set forth in this Rule. 

II. Yearbook Guidelines. 

A. A deceased student's picture, if available, will be included with the pictures of other students in the class for the year covered by the yearbook. In addition, approximately one-fourth page will be allowed for each student who died during the year. This area will include each student's picture, if available, the student's name, and the dates of birth and death. The top of the page will be designated, "Memorial Page," or, "In Memory." If there are no student deaths there will be no memorial page. 

B. For yearbooks that are delivered in the fall, the memorial page will precede the index page. The yearbook will cover deaths from the beginning of summer through the last day of the school year. If there is a death during the summer and the student has not graduated, the student's picture will appear in the next year's yearbook. 

C. For yearbooks that are delivered in the spring, with a fall supplement, the memorial page will be at the end of the yearbook supplement. The yearbook and supplement cover deaths that occur from July 1st through the next June 30th. 

III. Student Newspaper Guidelines. Because of the periodic nature of student newspapers, no memorial pictures or articles will be published. Letters to the editor of tribute to the deceased student or of sympathy to family and/or friends may be published. Letters must be signed and are subject to editing, after consultation with the author(s). Staff editorials may be published, at the discretion of the editorial staff and with the approval of the newspaper sponsor. 

IV. Plaques with Brass Engraving Plates. Each school will display, when necessary, a plaque with brass engraving plates to recognize individual students who have died. The plaque will be no larger than twelve (12) by fifteen (15) inches. The top of the plaque will be engraved with the words, "In Memory." Individual plates will be engraved with the student's name and dates of birth and death. Individual plates will be removed after ten (10) years and offered to the student's parents or guardians. 

V. Other Memorials. Other student memorials may be established if there is no cost to the District, and with the consent of the deceased student's parents or guardians. 

A. Appropriate memorials may include: 

1. A memorial scholarship administered by the Millard Education Foundation. 

2. Plantings on school grounds (trees, shrubs, perennials). The type and placement of the planting will be approved by the school principal. Such plantings may be accompanied by a moveable granite ground marker no larger than twelve (12) by six (6) inches. The engraving on the marker will be limited to the student's name, dates of birth and death, and the words, "In Memory Of, " or, "Planted In Memory Of." The marker will be moved, when necessary, as the planting grows, and will be removed after ten (10) years and offered to the parents or guardians. 

3. Purchase of library books, CD Roms, DVDs, other electronic media, school supplies and equipment, with the approval of the principal. Donated books may include a book plate, and equipment may include an engraved plate no larger than two (2) by six (6) inches. Wording on the plates will be limited to, "Donated In Memory Of," or, "In Memory Of," and the student's name and dates of birth and death. Any engraved plate will be removed at the end of ten (10) years and offered to the parents or guardians. 

4. Monetary funds designated to a particular school activity or department. The use of funds will be approved by the principal. 

VI. Unacceptable memorials. Memorials which are not acceptable include those which may: 

A. Alter the conduct of a regular school instructional day. 

B. Alter school activities or the school activities schedule. 

C. Require the retirement or discontinued use of school property. 

D. Infringe on the separation of church and state. 

E. Require the use of public funds for purchase, development, or maintenance. 

VII. Existing Memorials. Any memorial plaque or name plates in existence at the time these guidelines are adopted, whether in compliance with these guidelines or not, will be removed ten (10) years after the death of the student involved and offered to the parents or guardians. 

VIII. Notice of Address Change. Parents or guardians of deceased students are encouraged to inform the school of any change of address so the District may return plaques, markers, and name plates to them, as provided in this Rule. 

Date of Adoption
October 3, 1994
Date of Revision
April 24, 2000
November 20, 2000
September 7, 2010
May 21, 2018