5100.6: Enrollment of Students - Enrollment Information

I. Collection of Information

At the beginning of each school year, the District will collect enrollment information on paper report forms to provide a baseline for judging the accuracy of the District’s computerized database. Paper reports will be used on the third school day and on September 20th; computerized records will be used thereafter.

When a student enrolls during the school year, the principal or principal’s designee will be responsible for collecting the applicable census data for all the children in that student’s family. The District’s administration may develop and implement guidelines and procedures to assist school principals or the principals’ designee in obtaining the appropriate census and enrollment information.

II. Contents and Timelines of Enrollment Reports 

An accurate enrollment report will be accessible to authorized users on or by the 20th day of each month. It will be the responsibility for each District school to ensure that each student is properly recorded in the District’s database.

Student database information shall include each student’s:

A. Grade, teacher (for elementary grade students), race, and sex;

B. Status (whether the student has been added to or dropped from enrollment in the District); and

C. Housing subdivision.

Date of Adoption
April 21, 1997
Date of Revision
August 21, 2000
May 18, 2015
April 7, 2008
June 6, 2022