5740.1: Visits to Schools - Visitations by Parents, Guardians and Others

I. In accordance with building and District safety procedures, parents/guardians, students, and others may visit schools. These visits shall be in compliance with all building and District safety guidelines. The principal or appropriate Central Office administrator authorizing visits shall consider the following. 

A. Disruption to the educational environment; 

B. Distraction to students and staff; 

C. Confidentiality for students and staff; and 

D. Safety of students and staff. 

E. No visitor will be allowed to enter the building during a Code Yellow or Code Red Exercise. 

II. Parents/Guardians 

A. Unless otherwise prohibited or restricted by law, court order, or District policies or rules, parents/guardians may visit their child’s class. 

B. All visitors will report to the school office and will be provided and must wear a visitor's badge. 

III. Visitations by Students 

A. Visits by students from other school districts or buildings must be cleared through the building principal. If approval is given, a visitor’s badge will be issued. 

B. Children below legal school age wishing to visit the school must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. 

C. Non-students (graduates, etc.) will not be allowed to visit in a building without special permission from the building principal. 

IV. Program Visitations 

A. Persons wishing to visit schools for the purpose of viewing new programs, organizational patterns, facilities, etc., must obtain clearance from the appropriate Central Office administrator. 

Date of Adoption
February 17, 1975
Date of Revision
June 3, 2002
May 21, 2018
September 7, 2010