5220.1: School Census

I. Annual Census. The District will annually prepare a census of the names of all of the children residing in the District, together with the names of all of the taxpayers in the District.

II. Responsibility for Annual Census. The Secretary of the Board shall take, or cause to be taken by a person appointed for such purpose by a majority vote of the Board, a census of the District consisting of a written list of the names of all children residing in the District from birth to twenty (20) years of age, together with the names of all District taxpayers. The Secretary or person appointed by the Board to take the census may delegate the responsibility of taking the census to the District’s principals, and may also develop and implement guidelines and procedures to be followed to assist in obtaining census information. A copy of the list, verified by oath of the person taking such census or by affidavit appended to or endorsed on the list, setting forth that it is a correct list of the names of all children belonging in the District from birth through twenty (20) years of age and that it reflects such information as of June 30, shall be kept in a depository maintained by the District and subject to inspection at all times.

III. Census for Children Less than Five Years of Age with Disabilities. Nebraska school districts are required to demonstrate participation in a plan of services for children less than five (5) years of age with disabilities. The content of the plan is to include a census by name, school district of residence, and the disability of all children less than five (5) years of age. 

IV. Definition. “Disability” shall mean disability as defined in District Rule 5400.2 or other governing law.

Date of Adoption
May 5, 1997
Date of Revision
September 11, 2000
May 1, 2017
June 1, 2009
April 1, 2024