5510.2: Bulletin Boards, Printed Materials and Petitions

I. Bulletin Boards. The building principal shall have direct control over the use of bulletin boards and may designate certain bulletin boards for school announcements. Ample bulletin board space shall be provided for the use of student organizations. Space may also be made available for notices relating to out-of-school activities. A. Bulletin boards shall be used by curriculum related student clubs and non- curriculum student groups only to disseminate information about and/or notices of meetings and activities of the clubs or groups. 

B. The following limitations apply to all bulletin board postings: 

1. No notices or other materials shall be posted on a bulletin board which contains subject matter within the restricted categories of District Rule 5510.1. 

2. Identification of the student or student group issuing same shall be required on any posted notice. 

3. The school shall require that notices or other communications be dated at posting and that such materials be removed after the notice is no longer timely and in no event later than two (2) weeks after being posted. 

II. Distribution of Printed Material and Circulation of Petitions. Students may be permitted to distribute handbills, leaflets, and other printed material and to collect signatures on petitions concerning either school or out-of-school issues, whether such materials are produced within or outside the school, in accordance with the following regulations: 

A. The time of such activity shall be limited to periods before school begins, after dismissal, and during lunch time, and such activity shall be in areas designated by the principal, if such limitations are necessary to prevent interference with the school program. 

B. The place of such activity shall be reasonably restricted so as to permit the normal flow of traffic within the school, at exterior doors, and in such a manner not to create a safety hazard. 

C. The activity shall be conducted in such a manner so as to prevent levels of noise which interfere with the use of the building for school purposes, and to prevent the use of coercion in obtaining signatures on petitions. 

D. The school shall require that all printed materials and petitions distributed or circulated on school property bear the name of the sponsoring student or student club. 

E. The school shall prohibit the distribution of all printed materials and petitions within the restricted categories of District Rule 5510.1. 

III. Request for Hearing. Any student or student group believing that the District has unfairly abridged the student’s or student group’s freedom of expression under this Rule, may request a review of the perceived abridgement pursuant to the procedures in District Rule 5510.1 (IV). 

Date of Revision
August 20, 1990
April 2, 2001
June 1, 2009
January 20, 2020