5900.4: Emergency Dismissal

I. Dismissal Procedures

In the event of dismissal during the school day due to some emergency situation, the following procedures shall be followed:

A. Accounting for students and contacting parents.

1. Students living within walking distance of the attendance center shall be allowed to proceed home if in the determination of the building administration conditions are conducive to safe travel by foot. Parents or guardians shall be contacted before the student leaves the building.

2. Students who normally use school-provided or contracted transportation services shall remain at the attendance center until such vehicles arrive or until their parents or guardians provide alternative transportation.

3. Students shall be allowed to leave school with adults other than their parents or guardians only when permission is granted by the parents or guardians of the respective student.

B. If parents can not be contacted.

1. The student should remain under supervision at school or at the alternative site until the parents or emergency contact person can be reached.

2. If the parent has previously specified in writing, that the student can be released to a designated agency or individual, the student may be released.

Date of Adoption
June 16, 1975
Date of Revision
September 10, 2001
May 4, 2015
November 3, 2008
March 21, 2022