6700.5: Extracurricular School-Sponsored Clubs and Activities & Interscholastic Athletics and Activities – Intramural Athletics

I. The building principal or designee shall be responsible for the building’s intramural athletic program which shall be a balanced intramural athletic program for both sexes and with appropriate intramural athletics for appropriate levels.

II. The building principal or designee shall see that the intramural athletic program is properly organized and supervised, including the supervision of both participants and spectators.

III. Care shall be taken that intramural athletics are conducted primarily for the benefit of participants.

IV. The focus of the intramural athletic program shall be on participation.

Date of Adoption
June 16, 1975
Date of Revision
August 23, 1999
March 4, 2002
September 8, 2015
May 19, 2008
July 11, 2022