6690.1: Alternative Education Program

The Millard School District’s Alternative Education Programs will include, but not be limited to, full school day, multi-year, educational programs. These programs will provide more individualized instruction, an innovative and rigorous curriculum, and a caring, structured environment. Alternative Education Programs will also address the needs of those students who have dropped out, who are at risk of dropping out and who wish to earn their diplomas, who have not met the District’s Essential Learner Outcome assessment requirements for graduation, and who have been expelled or subjected to a long-term suspension for ten (10) school days or more.

The District’s Alternative Education Program may consist of, but not be limited to:

  1. Middle school programming that may be centralized or contained within each District middle school.
  2. School-within-a-school programs that provide transition services between levels for students who may be at risk and that may be provided at each high school as warranted.
  3. A separate high school alternative program and location
  4. A night-School program and/or credit recovery program.
  5. A specific off-campus program that will provide expelled students, students suspended for ten (10) school days or more, students who have discontinued their enrollment without completing the District’s graduation requirements, and/or students for whom a mandatory placement due to safety concerns is necessary with opportunities that might allow them to acquire sufficient credits so as to stay on track for graduation.
  6. Programs for students seeking innovative or challenging curriculum outside the scope of traditional instructional methodology and courses correlated with career and world of work concepts/issues.
Date of Adoption
October 6, 2008
Date of Revision
December 7, 2009
January 5, 2015
December 6, 2021