6275.1: Ownership of Employee Created Materials

Any and all Employee Materials in any form, (print, non-print and intellectual) created by a District Employee, while employed by the District, and within the scope of their employment shall belong to the District, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by way of contractual obligations in an employment agreement.

The following shall apply regarding the above Rule:

I.Intellectual property created within the scope of employment shall mean anything that a District Employee creates which contributes to the job for which that Employee was hired. This is also referred to the "work for hire doctrine."

II.Within the scope of employment shall include, but not be limited to, any and all Employee materials in any form, no matter where or when the Employee created such materials. 

III.In the event an employee creates something entirely on personal time, with personal resources, that such employee does not use to teach an assigned District curriculum, such work belongs to the employee alone.

IV.Employee Materials created within the scope of employment may use the District's name, logo and/or building name, only pursuant to the guidelines as established by the District.

V.All Employee Materials created for use on websites shall adhere to the guidelines of accountability as set forth in District Rule 7305.1 and District procedures.

Date of Adoption
June 3, 2013
Date of Revision
September 3, 2019