6610.1: Multicultural Education

The Multicultural Education Program shall comply with the requirements of Nebraska law and the accreditation rules of the Nebraska Department of Education.

I. Statement of Philosophy

A. Multicultural Education is essential in meeting the mission of the Millard Public Schools. Students will be provided with opportunities:

1. to gain knowledge and appreciation of their own unique racial and ethnic heritage

2. to gain knowledge, understanding and respect for the racial and ethnic diversity of our country, our world and its peoples.

II. Program Parameter

A. The Multicultural Education Program shall be incorporated into the Millard Education Program, all curriculum frameworks and course guides, and include a process for selecting appropriate instructional materials, providing staff development, and periodic assessment of the program.

B. An annual report shall be provided to the Board of Education.

Date of Revision
November 2, 1992
April 27, 1998
July 26, 1999
March 6, 2006
September 15, 2008
February 2, 2015
November 1, 2021