6510.1: Assessed Curriculum - Innovation/Pilot Programs and Field Studies

I. Pilot program proposals and field study proposals will be submitted to the Office of the Superintendent and, if approved, to the Millard Board of Education for approval. Such proposals shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

A. Rationale

B. Compatibility with the District Strategic Plan

C. Compatibility with the District Curriculum Cycle

D. Existing research or data base

E. Clientele to be involved

F. Desired outcomes to be achieved

G. Strategies to be employed

H. Resources needed

I. Evaluation strategies

II. Pilot programs and field studies will be viewed as being temporary. Project continuation or expansion will be based on the outcome of the project evaluation.

III. Evaluation data will be presented to the Office of the Superintendent so that judgements can be made as to program success prior to the decision being made as to program continuation, modification, expansion or deletion.

IV. Based on successful pilot programs or field studies, recommendations for program expansion into other levels and/or buildings shall be incorporated into the curricular framework format and shall be presented to the Board of Education by the Office of the Superintendent.

V. The Office of the Superintendent will submit to the Board of Education a status report on all pilot studies as they are completed.

Date of Adoption
July 20, 1992
Date of Revision
July 26, 1999
December 4, 2006
February 4, 2013
October 7, 2019